Thursday, January 3, 2008

Changing Blogs

(updated below)

If you have been paying attention to Genius/Idiot for the last few months, you know I’ve been rearranging my blogs. Instead of the old separate-blogs-as-categories scheme that I was using (Philosophy, Book Notes, Random Thoughts, Liberty, and Technology [dead links]), thanks to Blogger’s new Labeling feature, I have consolidated these five blogs into two, Journal Entries and Current Thoughts, with Labels (listed in the sidebar) serving as categories within each blog. Of course, all posts from these two new blogs are still aggregated at the main Genius/Idiot page.

I’m in the process of migrating posts from the old blogs to the new, and then the comments. I’ll probably leave the old blogs up indefinitely, in order to be a good netizen, but they’re dead and will stay dead (except that I suppose I’ll repost this on each of them, but at some point commenting will be disabled).

One other thing: The header says “Posts from all my blogs are aggregated in the compendium.” But that’s not quite true; only posts from Genius/Idiot blogs are actually aggregated, as well as my posts from Carbondale Bytelife [dead link]. There is a passel of other blogs listed under “Other blogs” in the sidebar to the left that are not aggregated here. My question is, should they be? Should the main Genius/Idiot page show posts from all my blogs, instead of just the two Genius/Idiot blogs? I’ve had one “no” vote; what does everyone else think? And don’t shy away from answering just because you find this some time after it’s posted; I’m still interested in your opinion.

Update: June 18, 2013

Well, though I left the old blogs up as long as possible, time still killed them with the demise of MobileMe. Journal Entries [dead link] and Current Thoughts [dead link] still exist, though moved to the URLs linked to above. The old “category” blogs exist on The Internet Archive, but they’re kind of broken there, so I’ve just left the old (dead) links intact above. Since the entire blog has been moved to my own custom domain, it should in principle never break again, as long as I’m alive, anyway.

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